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How it works

Clean Eating Made Easy.

Step One

Individual Flexibility

We have a range of meals and snacks to choose from. Simply select the meals and quantity of each you would like to add to your basket.

Want to follow a meal plan? Easy- Choose from any of our plans for Men or Women.

Should you desire, you are able to alter your order week to week.

Step Two

Freshly Delivered

Once your order is placed, we prepare, cook and pack your meals on the day of pick-up or delivery.

We are able to deliver Sydney-wide and in Brisbane. Delivered meals have a 6 day shelf life, thus allowing a one-off delivery.

For pick-up*, your meals will have a 3 day shelf life.

Same Day Delivery and Pickup available Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Step Three

Enjoy Your Meal

Your meals are ready as soon as you receive them. Simply store them in your fridge, making note of their expiry date. Should they not be consumed before their shelf life, they can be stored in the freezer.

Microwave your meals for 2 to 2:30 minutes and enjoy the beginning of a healthy lifestyle with NuMeals.