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Women's Muscle Gain

Women's Muscle Gain

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NUmeals' Weight Gain Meal Plan is designed to help you gain weight in a healthy manner. Save yourself hours a week with the dreaded meal prep, shopping and cooking done for you. 

This plan includes 20 of our delicious meals as well as 7 snacks, designed to be enjoyed over seven days for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t forget to download our muscle gain weekly meal plan after you checkout!

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Meal Plan Includes:

2 x Protein Oats
2 x Granola Bowl
2 x Protein Pancakes
2 x Naked Beef Burger
2 x Steak & Bake
2 x Smokey BBQ Steak
2 x Naked Chicken Burrito
3 x Chipotle Classic
2 x Clean Chicken
1 x Lean Chicken
3 x Carrot Sticks & Beetroot Hommus
2 x Protein Balls Choc-Coconut 2 Pack 
2 x Protein Balls Cookies and Cream 2 Pack