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Couples Weight Loss, 5-days, Lunch & Dinner

Couples Weight Loss, 5-days, Lunch & Dinner

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NUmeals’ Weight Loss Meal Plan is designed to help you & your partner lose those unwanted kilos. Save the both of you hours a week with the dreaded meal prep, shopping and cooking done for you.

Personalise your meal plan to suit your lifestyle. Whether you want 5 or 7 days worth of food is completely your choice. Don’t forget to download our weight loss weekly meal plan after you check out.

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Meal Plan Includes:

2x Clean Chicken: Light
2x Low Carb Thai Chicken: Light
2x Smokey BBQ Steak: Light
2x Green Barra Curry: Light 
2x The Spice is Right: Light
2x Lean and Cream: Light
2x BBQ Steak & Bake: Light
2x Green Spiced Chicken: Light
2x Golden Thai Barramundi: Light
2x Lean Chicken: Light